Letter from Mom to Vesta
Written 25 Aug 1943

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                Troup. 8 - 25.

Dear Folks,
     We recd the letters & money thanks a lot. was glad to  hear from you all. Yes Dad said that was the right amount. why didn't Raymond use it to help fix his teeth, say I sure want to see him when they are taken out. ha-ha-
  we had a letter from J.A. 8/23 that was wrote the 4th he had reached his destination. said he had really enjoyed his trip across. can't tell where he is at. Phala got home last Thurs. had a nice time her & Donald are picking cotton for C.C. Jones. I am trying to make her a dress. Paul Jr is

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O.K. his cold & cough is about over. Octa come home stayed a week, taken off again. said she was going back to Gladewater & go to work. but she was seen in Tyler that night. Polly had gone when she got back & taken part of her clothes & suit case two pair of slippers she had moved what was left over too Mrs Kings. I told her she had to get your sheets. she didnt know what was at the laundry untill it got back.
havent heard from any of the others guess they are sore at me. J.A. said he would get to write again in 30 days. said for you all to write him. Did Raymond go to see Fred? Guess a bunch will be crossing over soon.

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       J.A. Hale, H.A 1/c
 23 Replacement Bn.
 c/o Fleet. P.O.SanFrancisco, Calif

Dad is fixing the wringer on the washing machine, I'll have to wash this eve. we would like to come 1 day before school starts. dont know, dont look for us. we wont get any vacation this year. guess he'll get paid in place. we havnent got our rooms papered yet, just dont know what to do, its so hot down here, we just get by.
Ill have to close & get dinner. come when you can.
            Lots Love to all

Hello Jo. have you got that place worked over yet?

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