V-MAIL form Mom to JA
Written 22 Aug 1943

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Who is?


 J.A. Hale H.A.1/c N.R.
 23rd Replacement Bn T.C.
 c/o Fleet P.O.   
San Francisco, Ca

J. A. Hale
Troup, Texas


Dear Son. Glad to know you landed safely.
   We are all well, still have hot dry weather. Daddy is working at Carlisle now, has three leases. We may move down there.
   The children will start too school in two weeks. Donald has picked cotton, two days. Uncle Will Hale come to visit. Jean went home with him, she is back home now. She had a nice time. I got the picture you sent, its real good. Thanks a lot, we are so glad to have it, I got a nice frame for it. J.C. is home. We saw him at S.S. this morn. gave him your picture, he hasn't changed one bit. I am still keeping Paul Jr. Octa was home last week, she is working again, she had a nice letter from Paul. Write soon.
                        Lots Love

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