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Immediate Family

Dad - Joseph Allen Hale (age 52), JA's father, working for Sinclair Oil in East Texas
Mom - Jennie Mae Baker Hale (age 51), JA's mother
Vesta - Vesta Lee Hale Wilson (age 32), JA's older sister, married
Otis - Otis Orval Hale (age 30), JA's older brother, married, living and working in South Texas for Sun Oil Company
Ivery - Ivery Earmon Hale (age 27), JA's older brother, married, living and working in Illinois for Sun Oil Company
Kenneth - Kenneth Blackburn Hale (age 23), JA's older brother, living in Illinois and working for Sun Oil Company
Octa - Octa Mae Hale Attaway (age 19), JA's older sister, married, mother of Paul, Jr.
Phala - Phala Jean Hale (age 14), JA's younger sister, in school
Donald - Donald B Hale (age 10), JA's younger brother, in school

Other Relatives and In-laws

Aunt Maggie - Margaret Leona Baker Wells, Mom's sister, JA's aunt
Aunt Rhoda
- Rhoda Izora Hale Smith Lewis, Dad's sister, JA's aunt
- Bryan Echols, brother of Imogene, also in the Navy on the West Coast
Claudie Belle - Claudie Belle Smith Pickett,  JA's first cousin
Dee Hale - Daniel "Dee" Hale, 1st cousin of Dad, moved from Oklahoma to California in 1928
Erma Gene - Irma Jean Wells, JA's first cousin
Francis - Francis Townsend Hale, wife of Kenneth
Fred - Fred Wilson, Raymond's brother
Ida Mae - Ida Mae Hale Roberts, cousin of JA
- Sylvia Imogene Echols Hale, wife of Ivery
Ivera Jean - Ivera Jean Hale - daughter of Ivery Hale
John - John Roberts, husband of Ida Mae 
- Leonard Allen Hale, son of Otis
Maggie Wells - Margaret Madeline Wells, JA's first cousin 
Mrs. Attaway  - mother of Paul Attaway (Sr.)
Mrs. Echols - mother of Imogene
Paul - Paul Attaway, husband of Octa, in Navy and away in service
Paul, Jr. - Paul Attaway, Jr. (age 3), son of Octa Hale Attaway, J A's young nephew, often lived with J A's parents during 1942-43
Raymond - Raymond Wilson, Vesta's husband, JA's brother-in-law
Ruby - Alvis Ruby Harris Hale, wife of Otis
Rue - Ridley Rue Wells, Aunt Maggie's son, JA's cousin
S. T. - S. T. Smith
S. T. Smith - Silas Texas Smith, Jr.,  son of Aunt Rhoda, JA's cousin
Uncle Will Hale - William Daniel Hale, Dad's older brother, JA's uncle

Friends, Classmates, Acquaintances, Teachers, Neighbors

Bert -
Bert Massey, next door neighbor, sister-in-law of "Buck" Buckelew, daughter of Grandma Massey
- Betty Jean Mullins, HS contemporary  of JA
Billy Gene Eldrige
- Billie Jean Eldrige, contemporary of Phala
Buddie Shifflett
- Buddy Shiflett, Salem school graduate
C. C. Jones
- see Pop Jones below
Coach Tillerson
-G. W. Tillerson, Salem HS coach
- ?
Dan -
the family's horse
Donald Townsend
- brother of Francis Townsend Hale, brother-in-law to Kenneth
Ernest S -
Ernest Shiflett, friend of Donald
Eddie -
friend of Paul Jr.
Edward Ehyl
- Edward Ehl, Salem HS graduate
Edward Perkins
- Salem HS graduate, in Navy
Elmer Gee
- Neighbor in the Navy
- W F Fletcher, friend from home, also in the Navy
Grandma Massey - mother-in-law of next door neighbor, Buck Buckelew
Helen - Helen Keel, a HS friend
Irene Jones - ?
Jack Carlisle -
senior student at Salem
- Hurston James Jackson, HS friend at Salem
- ?
J C Barron
- HS friend 
J C Colvin
- HS friend, joined the Navy with J A, got out because he was under aged
Junior Stewart
- Salem HS graduate
King Mitchel - Salem HS graduate
Margret - Margaret Gee, wife or mother of Walter Gee
Marie Sizemore
- family friend
Miss Baldwin - Grace Baldwin, grammar school Principal at Salem
Miss Dent - Eddie Dent, HS teacher at Salem
Mr. & Mrs. Hammett - teachers at Salem School
Mr. Harris - Alvis Leonard Harris, Ruby's father, Salem School Board member
Mrs. King - ?
Mr. Mullins - "Moon" Mullins, father of Betty Jean Mullins
Mrs. Attaway
- mother of Paul Attaway, mother-in-law of Octa
Mrs. Harris - Alma Jewell Rogers Harris, Ruby's mother 
Mrs. Mattie Thompson - neighbor in the community
Mrs. Weaver - family neighbor
Myrtle Dowdy - ?
- ?
Olan Dunson
- Olan Dawson, Salem HS graduate
Ollie Ruth - Ollie Ruth Thompson, HS classmate
Polly - Octa's roommate in Gladewater
Pop Jones - farmer in the community, unrelated to Rayford Jones
Pye Face - Salem school graduate
Rayford Jones - farmer in the community, sometime school bus driver
Ray Motley - ?
Scott boy - ?
Toby Moore - ?
Tommie - Tommie Jean Thompson, school friend of Phala
Walter Gee -
acquaintance from the community
W F Peerson
- (Fletcher) friend from the community who was in the Navy 

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