Letter from  J A to Kenneth
Written 4 Sep 1943

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Hello Bud;

      How's every little subject? Got your letter yesterday that was mailed 7-10-43. I am a HA1/c now, & I hope to be Pharm 3 class before long. Why do you keep wanting Bull? Aren't there enough there for you to get your share? Well just keep up the good work, I'll coach the football team. I like it here just fine, even better than I did San Diego. Forty eight hours a week is too long to work in one week, why don't you join the Navy and see the world ha ha! It seems like you & Ivery are trying to overdo the old thing? Well one thing about your "Yanks" - (jjjj) they really know how to cuss & and show their ass. You want to stay clear before one of them sells the Broklyn bridge to you. Haven't put anything up lately. What do you mean by Crabs in a Marine Camp? Not as long as ?.C. is in tent, ha ha! Boy if you ever decide to come to see me you'd better start in a darn good canoe. That old case of "Clap" that Toby had is what got him down. I heard that he got discharged.

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He had Romatic fever. & a small shot of Lymphmylitis. I guess you have had a lot of U.S.O. soldiers around there? Boy that U.S.O. is allright - no shit - you can find a good U.S.O. club in any part of the world & and their darn nice too. If you ever decided to help any of the service organizations the U.S.O. is best. Well write soone. I guess Don and the rest of those soldiers has to have something to occupy their mind, because they don't know how to fight.

                      Be good.
                      J A Hale HA1/c
1st Bn, 2nd Marine F.M.F.
% Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Calf.

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