Letter from Mom to JA
Written 8 May 1943

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            Troup. May- 8.

Dear Son, Was sure glad to get your letters yesterday Wish you could have had enough time off to come home, guess you have needed some money, after loosing that $25. You can check on that $50 in Troup bank any time you get in a tight.
Octa was home last week we wrote you a letter, did you get it? I am feeling better still have a cold.
Dad goes to work at 6 works untill noon. I sure have to get up early, he keeps busy working in the garden & feeding hogs wish you could this 11 head sure cost lots feed is so high.

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Octa got a letter from Paul this week, had $200 buck in it. her alotment starts this month. dont know  where she will take Paul Jr or not. We sure would be lonesome without him. You never told me what you would like to have for your birthday? I am still trying to get the boys addresses you wanted
Just 3 more weeks of school Phala may go to Kenneth's he wrote like he wanted her help for a while, I would go but I'll need to be here to can things for next winter. How come you wanted to change to the Marines? You always leave us guessing. havent saw Otis & Family in a long time.
You ever go to Church? Bryan

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Echols is in the hospital with the mumps. Do you ever see him? Grandma Massey is going to the valley next week for a visit. Walter Gee leaves for camp soon. they live in Arp, Margaret was here Sun.
well I have to go milk the cow & pick strawberries & get dinner. Be good & write often.
            Lots Love


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