Letter from Don Townsend to JA
Written 11 May 1943

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 May 11, 1943

Hello, Doc,
   How are you getting along. I am all right. I am still a buck private and still going to school. They are trying to make a truck driver out of me. The Quarter Master is O.K. I have four more weeks of school after this one and I get sent to another camp. I will have the rating of a corpral then.
   How are you and the girls getting along OK I hope. I go out once in a while. I have a girl friend in Cheyenne. I go see her about twice a week.

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   We had snow all day Friday and Saturday. Boy! It was the drizzling shits. The sun is shining one day and snowing the next.
   Say bud I still want the picture of you in that beautiful uniform. Where is J, C. Barron now? I would like to hear from him.
   Well I will close for this time.
   I will try to write soon.

         Your Old Pal

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