Letter from JA to Kenneth
Written 7 May 1943

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United States Marine Corps

        Dear Bud,

                How is everyone? Well I'm in the Marines now we get our 30 caliber M1 today they are brand new. We just use those to drill with. Next week we're leaving to fire the carbine, Raising Sub mach., and the 45 pistol. How is donald [Townsend]? Say why don't you send me a little money? Havn't been paid since three weeks before I left Wash. & won't get paid until the 20th. They got our records screwed up & didn't get paid the 20th of last month. Forget it if you don't have it on hand, or I'll repay it after the 20th. Write soone & be good
                                   J.A. Hale

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