Letter from JA to Kenneth
Written 2 May 1943

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United States Marine Corps


Dear Bud,

       Well how is everything? Well I dood it, but I wish to hell I hadn't dood it. I'm going through 2 more months of school. It is really nice here. I have 7 different uniforms I can wear now, but I'm sending all my navy clothes home, except my dress blues, I can still wear them on liberty, or I can wear a marine kakhi or a green suit. We go to a field medical school, and take a 15 mile hike once a week. It isn't so bad though, because those doctors has to go right along with us.


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Boy, I wish you had joined the Marines, they get up at 4:30 every morning - run 2 miles - take exercise - gun practice - and then they take a bath & have a day every morning before breakfast. When one of those tough Sargents tries to get tough, we can either beat his ass or kick him in the face, because no one except a Navy doctor has authority over us. These Marines are as dirty as hell, they never wash their clothes, & half of them stay in the brig all the time. They really treat us good though. We practice with a M1 - raising machine gun [perhaps an M2 automatic carbine] & a 45 guns about twice a week. The raising guns look like sawed off 410 with the stock cut


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half off. When you pull the trigger, the end tries to go up into the air. The officers & medical core are the only ones that use them. I havn't got to go to the rifle range yet, but will next week. We have the same privilages as a top Sergant, liberty any time we want it - after 4:30 every evening. Well be good & if you decide to be a marine just let me know & I'll tell them what a man you are.



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