Letter from JA to Kenneth
Mailed 20 Apr 1943

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United States Marine Corps

      Dear Bud,
      Recieved your letter yesterday Still running a production line eh! Boy if you get in the air core, be sure & be a Naviol Cadet, the navy is faster with the rates. We have a snake & two dogs here as our mascots. Flicker is already across, don't know where. They have cut our courses down to 6 weeks. We are getting combat jackets today - won't be long now. Will be here 3 or 4 weeks more. I got those pictures made, will mail them Fri. Am sending them both to Ivery, you can get yours from him. Didn't put it in a frame, but if you put it behind a dirty one, it'l look better.

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Boy I do everything from bowling to ??????-ism every Sat. night. You think you're big - you ought to see these Fleet Marines - they are the guys we fight with. I weigh 180 & I'm counted as a baby. Boy we learn every thing from sawing leggs off to pulling teeth here. After School, I will have a chance to go into aviation medicine, but they say it isn't so hot. Will probably be in a medical Co. I see you are pretty well stocked up in dog houses.

                             Write Soon,

                                   J. A. Hale

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