Letter from Mom to JA
Written 8 July 1943

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July 8th


Dear Son, Please excuse me for not writing I have been snowed under with work. We are O.K. have been looking for you home ever day. Vesta & Raymon are going to move up on the north end of the field will be about 25 miles on north, a switching job. had a letter from Otis he dont like it down there. Leonard got his arm split on a nail in a tree taken 7 stitches on it. havent got a house yet have an apartment rented $40 a month. I dont think he will stay unless there is a change.


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Mr Mullins left yesterday sold everything but their house. the Co will move their furniture when they get a house down at Freer, Tx.
Kenneth and Ivery never write. Octa never writes. guess they are OK.
Dad is on same old job it come a nice shower last nite, he is plowing this morn. its sure been hot & dry here. the infantile parylisis is bad around here lots of places being closed out. What did you do for the Fourth, we stayed home as usual. Mrs Attaway come


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stayed all nite with  us Mr Attaway has gone across. We havent heard from Paul in a long time. Bert is up bble to work again. her & Grandma are talking of moving to the valley this Fall.
Well I dont know any new just stay here & work & dont get any thing done either
Write soon. We like to hear from you.


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