Letter from Mom to JA
Written 13 Jul 1943

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                  July 13


Dear J. A.  We rec'd your clothes yesterday, sure wish you could have come home. Didn't you have money to come or what is the reason. Vesta & Octa was here Sun: the girls are with us this week they had lots fun yesterday. but its raining this morn. Octa is still taking light treatments ever 9 days Dr said she was sure for a operation. one tube has droped down. guess I'll have to go stay with her, don't no just when she will have it happen. we are able to work all the time. Vesta &


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Family are moving up on the north end Raymond will be switching. just about all of Sun Camp have moved to South Texas Otis is not liking down there very well? we had a letter from Imogene said they got yoyr picture. I am still looking for mine. The Infintile Paralisis is  raging. one case at Wright City. swimming Pools & some other places closed down most people are afraid to go anywhere like that.

I am about through canning have some sewing to do


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we have some big hogs havent killed one yet, have 7 shoats that will weigh around 80 lbs. we are having ripe cantelopes, will have watermellons soon. we heard Myrtle Dowdy married Sun eve. ever one that gets half a chance gets married
Dont worry about Phala, she never gets away from home for long at a time. I believe she tries to do what's right. You be good & write often I want to hear how you are doing.
       A world of love & pray always for you. Mother 

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