Letter from JA to Kenneth
Mailed 30 Jun 1943

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      Dear Bud,

         How was everything before it got better? That is a picture of my face, because I was setting down, and besides it has teeth in it. Say how does it feel to have a baby? I've never had one. These Marines are all right, but they have a lot to learn yet. Those bastards get out here & play base ball & football, while we study like fools. I have got wind that we're being sent to the east coast, then to Iceland. Maby its bull; I think all that dambed army does is to drive trucks & operate search lights. But their always good at setting up U.SO's after the marines take over. Do you ever hear from toby Moore any more? That case of Gonnahera is what got him.

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I have taken two of my final test, will send them to show you what a man I am. These Marines get along all right with us. They respect us - No shit - - (Bodily secretions). They know that if we get angry; and they get sick or hurt - we might run the hypo in the wrong end. Well don't know any bull, so write soone.

                             J.A Hale

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