Letter from Kenneth to JA
Written 24 Jun 1943

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                                                     Crossville, Ill.
                                                        Gen. Del.
Hello Bud:

      How in the hell are you any where???
      You know this is about the damdest looking picture I have ever seen. I wanted to have a picture of your face instead of your ass any way.
      Say you told me about them zoot suit waps out there. How do you like the way they did them negros in Detroit??? There are 31 or [3]2 dead in all.
      We are likely to have lots of trouble out of them black bastards some day.
      Well, we have moved into a 4 room house & Frances and the baby is fine. I named him Phillip Joe.

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I sure had lots of hell for a while around here. Was working morning tower, moving, selling trailer house, had my old ford tore up and having a baby all at the same time so I couldn't write very much. But after all, that wasn't much trouble for a Hale was it. HA HA
      How is the marines treating you out there. Do you ever have to whip any of them, or are you in a pretty sincable outfit?
      Donald [Townsend] likes the Army fine. He is driving a truck.
      Well send me some bull for a change will you?

                              Kenneth Hale

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