Letter from Mom to JA
Mailed 7 Jan 1943

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Postmarked Troup; Jan 7; 4:30 PM; 1943

Return address: 
J. A. Hale
Troup, Tex 

Delivery address: Mr  J. A. Hale, S.2/c
 San Diego 
Co. 42 - 749

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Hello Sonney Boy, was glad to recd your letter & picture. We are all still here have had real bad cold, but we feel some better. We had a storm this week, ice still on the ground
Dad and the kids have gone to Salem to a ball game. Phala sent you a paper, did you get it? I wont send your bible, you can get it when you come home. The Red, Oak, Preacher got ever thing they had burnt up, even their car, the house caught up in the top from a bad flu, after they had gone to bed.
Do you remember Pop Jones that lives clost here, across the creek

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he was buried this week. Paul is a sleep. it almost kills him to stay in the house all the time. Mrs Weaver is still in bed Marie Sizemore is still working down there.
  I had a letter from Octa she is still writing for your address she said her rent kept going up & she had to move ever week. Coach Tillerson has quit & the Janitor has gone, can't tell who be next to leave Salem. Mr Parnell is working up there now. Marie Panell was operated on 2 weeks go today, had apendix removed. Had a card from Ruby she said Otis had been in hunting killed 8 squirrels. they are O.K.

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Imogene wrote & said Ivera Jean had the measles. We are looking for them down here when she gets well. Kenneth said he was going to sell his trailer house he don't like his job much. Donald [Townsend] isn't married, Francis said he was expecting to leave for the army soon. Abilene soldier camp, all passed through Wright City yesterday, going to Louisiana for manuvers. guess Fred was in the bunch. He wrote Raymond that they were going.
      Well guess thats all this time. hope to see you soon. Love,

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