Letter from Imogene and Ivery to JA.
Written in the winter of 1943

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Who is?


Page 1 (written by Imogene)


Dear Jake,

     Ivery wrote you several days ago but we moved to another house and I was late getting around to mail it so I tho't I would write a little
     If you see Bryan again tell him to write us. I don't have his address since he moved
     I am sending you a picture of I. J. [Ivera Jean] She is a big girl now. She and I want to go see her grannies. Don't know if we will get off or not. I don't suppose Ivery will be able to get off from work. I sure do wish you & Bryan could get a furlow & go.


Page 2 (written by Ivery)


Boy if you need form enything let me know. I sure wish you were here.
     I have set these Yankies a new Point in Running oil, and am giving them Hell in Politics, Boy it is fun an I make a little money on the side, & Sigars Ha Ha. So lad let em ?? We will give you plenty "fuel". Kenneth is pumping for the Sun, and likes it OK. I guess Otis is worried about going to the army. You should tease him. I believe he is "afraid"


Page 3 (written by Ivery)


Say here's a deal"
     I will buy all the "Jap ears" you get, they make good "fish bait
I can't buy long rifle shells eny more, so I will be out of the rase, Do my part lad, You can do it if you get in to it. "????"

Be "good" or "clean"
         Wright Soon
    I. E. Hale

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