Letter from Mom to JA
Written 18 Jan 1943

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Monday, Jan. 18. Dear Son
    We are O.K. Paul Jr has a bad cold. Its awful cold here looks like snow. Mrs Attaway will be over to nite, she is moving to Texarkana tomorrow, Mr Attaway went to the Navy last week, he was sent to Norfork Va. haven't saw any of the kids this year.
     Octa Mae said if you stayed out there she was coming to visit you. Dee Hale died last week. Dad's cousin that lived in Long Beach, they are the people Octa told about visiting while she was in Calif.
      Dad is busy making a pig trough his hogs are sure pretty, its taking lots feed, everything here is high. We have lots milk & butter; guess will keep on working getting by. We went to see Salem & Arp play ball Fri nite the scores were 29 for Arp 28 for Salem it was a good game, ever one seemed to enjoy it. Paul Jr did. when they cheered so loud, he held his hands over his ears & got behind me. Grandma Massey always ask about you, they all like to hear from you. Mrs Mattie Thompson is sending

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you a bible. hope you find time to read it. Do you go to church? have you learned to like beans for breakfast I saw Helen Sat at the store she always ask about you. I never see J.C. Barron any more, guess he's still here.
Salem has lost their preacher, he moved down toward Livingston, some place, off in the back woods. I don't see Betty much since you left. Rayford Jones is gone away to work. this is a dull place seems like every one is trying to leave. Phala says she wish she could. did you get her letter? don't know what she wrote.
   I must get to work. ans soon Be a good boy.    Love    Mother

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