Letter from Ivery to JA
Written winter 1943

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                        I. E. Hale

Dearest Bud:
   I was glad to hear from You, If you do get up here, I sure want You come & See me.
    We have had a Big Snow for 3 days, it hasen't got Back to 20 Below Yet I believe Summer is here if the Snow would Melt. If you see Bud E. tell him to Wright US.
    If my old left Peg was better I would be With You, But, as it is I guess Ill miss this one,

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home. I know I would go. It may be a long time before we all get together again. War is a terrible thing, but it makes us realize that our "Little Brothers" are grown men  And don't think we aren't proud of you all. Bryan sent us a good picture of him in uniform. We would like to have one of you.
     We live in a four room house now. It is very nice. If you get transferred be sure to come see us. We would enjoy having you and we have plenty of beds & plenty to eat in spite of rationing.

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I don't mind rationing at all. I guess everyone feels as I do. They would do any thing to help out our boys in the service.
    well, write us often, We like your letters.
    We wish you "God Speed",
             Lots of Love,

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