Letter From Mom to JA
Written 25 Feb 1943

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Thur. Feb. 25

Dear Son: Phala read your mail, got the cards this morn she was so surprised at getting $15 for her birthday, she didn't no what to do. She gave a party last night, had a nice crowd, wish you could have been here we would have had a lot more come. Me & Paul Jr went down to Otis's last week with Mrs Harris Leonard came home with her. Otis is awful tore up, said he wished Uncle Sam would hurry up & get him, his garden was coming up they have a pretty bunch of chicks he had already been fishing. they may soon be working longer hours. Octa is on the same work at Gladewater, we had a letter today from her.

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I think she will be changing up soon as she gets her allotment Paul is sending. She sent Paul [Jr] a lot of new clothes, he sure needed them. Well we heard J. C. [Colvin] got home. We never got to see him, he went to Houston to work. We ahven't got to go to the Flat to church in a long time. Do you ever hear any good singing there, You never tell what you are learning to be. Do hope you come back this way. I sure would love to come see you. Are you coming home soon or will you get any time off?
Aunt Maggie said Rue was still at Amarillo, Tex. We had to sign up for another ration book today. Almost ever thing is on this book.

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Are you still getting plenty to eat? Do you still do your laundry?
Paul Jr said tell J. to get me a sailor hat, he wrote you a letter, but I won't put it in this time. Write to me I have been sick all this month with a cold, not over it yet. Keep up part time.
      Is there any thing you need that I could send you?
      Please tell me.
                              Lots Love,

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