Letter from Mom to JA
Written 30 Mar 1943

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Mar. 30.

Dear Son: _ Hope this finds you well & Happy. We are O.K. Donald back in school this morn: has been lots sickness around. Vesta & Family & Octa was home Sun; we had a nice dinner. Octa said if she had known you wes going to be in L.A. five hours she would have been there to see you. she is still at the "Green Hut". she got a letter from Paul yesterday. can't tell where he is. Bryan E. is home. & we are looking for Gene [Imogene] this week, don't guess Ivery will come. We had a nice rain ever thing looks green this morn. Phala Jean's room at school are going on a Hay ride tonite, we went

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to Wright City church Sun. nite. Jean recd the Baptism. I am happy because, ever one needs mor of grace & power to live right. Did you get your ring? I was afraid it would be lost in mail I had it insured. Dad needs a farm for his hogs he has 11 head now. don't know where he will get feed for them, its getting hard to get. Well I just don't know any news. the same "Go around" here write me a long letter & tell me lots things. Paul runs off, it keeps me busy on his trail. Octa brought me a big picture in a frame, of her its sure nice. Write to her.
          Lots love



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