Letter from F.W. Peerson to JA
Written 29 Mar 1943

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U.S. Destroyer Base
San Diego Calif
March 29 1943

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      Hello Pal,
      I am just walking around town today on a 36 hour leave and I am broke flat as hell. I pawned my watch and I have spent all of that already as here I sit. How is things up in your part of the world? O.K. I hope. I have ben going to L.A. on my thirty six hour leaves but I sure didn't go this time. We have ben going out on the surf all this week and is that ocean a rough thing. day before yesterday every body in the boat with me got sea sick. old Hooper got real sick and let his dinner go in the ocean. I tryed to sleep but those waves

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were hell that boat was out of the water more than it was in. I could hardly stand up in it. We may be shipping out any day now. Just when I was getting to know my way around this town. I really had a lot of fun today to be as broke as I am but I am up town with two damn fools and we were up late last night and one of them is laying on the table asleep and the other is sitting over there all ??ped up like he lost his last friend. I pulled off my clothes yesterday and went out on the ocean in those boats and I am sun burned all over and even my feet well I will close answer soon.
               A Pal Peerson

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