Letter from JA to Kenneth
Written 27 March 1943

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Who is?


       Naval Hospital
Bremerton, Washington 


                 Dear Folks,
                 How is anyone?? Well I'm leaving these doctors a lot here. How is that "cold draft" Donald [Townsend] getting along? Toby Moore is here in Ward H. He is off the Tennessee. He has somekind of fever. Edward Ehyl is in this Marine camp here. Well I volunteered for Marine duty today. I decided I might as well be a hero when I come back. They guaranteed me I would be killing japs in 10 weeks. Isn't that nice. That means I will be leaving here soone, because we get 8 weeks for first aid. Edward Perkins is here someplace. I havn't located him yet. Write soone & be good.

                           J. A. Hale

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