Letter from Mom to JA
Written 23 Mar 1943

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Tue; Mar; 23.

Dear Son. We recd; your letter yesterday. Sure glad to know you made the trip O.K. I am sure yoy enjoyed the scenery of different places. was so in hopes you'd get to come home. don't see why any one would want to go to Iceland. every one here is glad to hear of you climbing up so fast. Did you get your ring? I sent it before yoy left San Diego. We got your papers, I have your certificate framed, yes to group picture also. I thought you was sending one large one of your self, can't tell much about you in a group.
Donald has the tooth ache is out

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of school. Miss Dent & Miss Baldwin have joined the Wacks & are leaving don't know who will take their places. there is lots of sickness here, Flue & colds. Paul Jr is fine I red your letters to him, he just laughed & and said O. he ran off sure gives me lots trouble hunting him. Dad is fixing his car brakes today. his hogs are fine looking fo some baby pigs this week. Ruby and Leonard have been here a week. Mr Harris was poerated on he is back home now, doing fine. Well just about everything is rationed, but we are having plenty. All the garden got killed, come a cold freeze. Dad has planted over. Onions & cabbage 

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are growing nice. Phala Jean is doing better in school, she has higher grades, she went to see"gone with the Wind" last week at Troup. There is another big camp being built between Gladewater and Tyler. Octa said she had been making hamburgers for the whole army until she looked like one. she hasent been home since Xmas. We went to see her one time. Paul [Jr] has learned to ride his trycicle he enjoys it now, you ought to see him. have you bought any bonds that would ne fine if you get more money than you need to use right now. Have you wrote to Betties ever? Ollie Ruth said tell you to write to her. Come home soon as you can

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I wont ever get to come that far. Be good & do all the good you can & just as little harm
I can never think of you as nothing but, Good & sweet. still asking God to take care of you, guide your mind in his right way. lots Love

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