Letter from JA to Kenneth
Written 17 Mar 1943

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       Naval Hospital
Bremerton, Washington

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      Dear Bud,

            How is everyone? Well I got assigned to my ward. I am in the surgical ward. We prepare the Patients for a operation & try to keep them from dying. One kicked off this evening. Guess who is in the ward? Ray Motley is here. He has had his apendics removed. The last I saw him was in San Diego. I have really got a good job. I rate around here as Mr. Hale. We sure have a lot of responsibility. I have 7 men to take care of. They have all had "clean" stomach operations. I guarantee you they get the best of care here. One really has to watch them close, because you are responsible for them. There is a shipyard, canteen right below us. There is two beer joints here. You don't have to be 21 either. It is all in the hospital boundry. I guess you want to know

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Every night when not on liberty. The canteens are for Sailors only. We get liberty every 4 days, and a 48 hour liberty every other week end; Every other day, we go to work at 08:00 and quit at 14:30. And every other day we go on at 06:30 & get off at 21:00. We don't have much to do thow. Bremerton is just a small lumber town, but it just takes an hour to go to Seattle by ferry. They have really got this place fortified, at the end of every street there is a machine gun, pill box, or larger guns. The ferry even has to dodge mines & sub nets while going to Seattle. Boy I wish you could see this country. You couldn't realize how pretty it is. Oregon is the state I'm living in after the war. It is the prettiest place I have ever seen. Every where you look is the prettiest blue rivers. They use them to float logs down. The people fish with hoop nets. Write soone, got to practice up on that pool club.

                           J. A. Hale

                           how do you like 
                           that one


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