Letter from Mom to JA
Written 11 Mar 1943

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                       Thursday Nite

Dear J.A. I am so glad you write to us. Otis & Ruby are up here on their vacation. we all went to Vesta's. Made ice cream last nite. Octa is in the Hospital at Gladewater we went to see her. I am going up there tomorrow & stay for a few days & help take care of her she will soon be able to come home. its sure a busy time. have some canning to do, get a gallon of strawberries ever 2 or 3 days.
dad got a raise, began working 40 hours last Mon: he works from noon untill 8. We went to the Seniors play last week. it was a good one.

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I am sending you a little remembr, just cant get any thing, all of the Navy Folders were sold. I got to go to Arp & sign up for Sugar to can with. I saw James he was home. he got turned down on account of his arm. he dident get to go to Pearl Harbor. I am sending his address. Budie Shifflett come home last week, but was called back. Otis brought us some nice fish, him & Dad went fishing Tues; caught 30.
The Scott boy got married, he has taken his last exam & will be leaving soon. Billy Gene Eldrige got throwd off a horse & hurt one leg in a cast. her head cut down the back.
Please excuse everthing

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& write soon.
                  Lots Love

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