Letter from Mom to JA
Written 9 Mar 1943

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                                               Tue. Morn; Mar. 9.

Dear Son. Sure enjoyed your good letter. I think your grade are fine. A lot better than I could do. I am feeling better, guess I keep up the fight.
Dad let Vesta have $85 to buy a cow & calf they have a nice bunch of chickens too. they are trying to raise something to eat. This last cold wave got the garden ever thing will be late now. I want to get the house papered soon as it ets warm enough to work real good. Octa hasen't been home we get a letter once in a while. Our gas was off this morning; they are making a salt water well out here in front of the house, in the field. thats about

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all the excitement around here.
dad had to lock up the barn some one was stealing all his feed. Will get those boys address as soon as possible. I think Mildred said at the place he worked at last year. I am starting your ring. hope you get it O. K.
      I must get to work. Paul Jr & Poochie has one time some time he gets to rough Poochie bites him. he has a new hat, he thinks its fine.
      Be good.
                                           Loads Love

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