Letter from Donald to JA
Written early Apr 1943

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Dear J.A.
            everyone is gitting along re right but me Ive been sick for 7 days.
  Vesta and Raymond the kids and Octa May have been down.
Octa might go to Dalls. she wonts you to send her a picture of you Thanks for the pin and jumping bean. Cood you send me another jumping bean this one was crack and it brook into. The old sow got 9 little pigs five of them ar black anf fore of them or white. Dad and the


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other mean or going to haft to fince the pasture. It take 150 post to fince it. We got a little from Otis they are all OK. I was lying on the bed the other day Paul got his bank and wanted me to open it  I won't it so he thron it down and broke it then he went in every room tring to hide. I guess that all

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