Letter from J A to Kenneth
Written 5 Apr 1943

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      Naval Hospital
Bremerton, Washington

                      Dear Bud;
         Well I'm doing all the good. went to Seattle & drank the place dry of beer. They ration whiskey here. Why don't you send me some for a present!!! I looked around for some 22 shells but everyone thought I was going to commit "Harry - Karry"!!! I couldn't find any kind of a shell. Not even a shot-gun shell. They have been "out" here since Jan. Boy this is the country that dreams about, Snow-capped mountains, cool breeze and pretty blue rivers running in every direction with ducks flying around like canaries. I think after the war, I'll just take a vacation & just stay here the rest of my life. Do you remember that patient I was telling you about that shot himself. He went crazy last week, - can't say that

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      Naval Hospital
Bremerton, Washington

I could blame him though. Well the Marine draft is coming up this week. Don't know whether I'm on it or not. If I am, I'll probably be sent back to diego to go to a first aid school. I got to ride around in a Army jeep Sun. really had lots of fun. Gaby is still here. I'm going over to see him after a while. Boy I would like to take you fishing sometimes. I really know how to catch crabs. I saw a guy catching some today.

Write soone & be good.

                          J. A. Hale

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