V-Mail from JA to Family
16 Sep 1943

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J. A. Hale
Route 2
Troup Texas

J.A. Hale HA 1/c
Hdq Co. 1stBn 2nd Marines
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Calif

     Dear Folks,
       Heard the news about Mother, there's no need of talking how I feel about it, because I guess everyone feels the same as I do. Sorry that I couldn't come home. What was the doctor's diagnosis? She kept complaining about it being too hot there. Is there any way that I could help out, if there is don't fail to let me know. I took the test for pharmacist third class but it won't be effective until Nov. Phala don't let me down, be sure & try to take Mothers place, you know she would want you to. It will be hard I know, but Sis I know you can do it. Take all the money that I sent, and am going to send home, & use it, it will help a little. I'm proud that Will got to come & visit. Well dad why don't you write me sometimes? If there is anything that I could help by doing don't fail to let us older kids know about it. I know it will be hard going without her. Sure wish that I could be of more help. be good and write soon & often. Maybe I'll be back someday.
                                     J A Hale

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