Letter from Kenneth to J A
Written 8 Sep 1943

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Who is?


              Crossville, Ill

Hello Bud:
      How is the little lad doing by now? Very fine I hope.
      Well, boy, I guess the sad news has reached you at last. If not, we burried Mom the other day (9-3-43). She had heart trouble or a stroke in her right side. We don't know which. She died Sept. 1, about mid night. She wasn't sick a minute. She had sit up with a sick woman untill 10:30 pm the same night.
      There wasn't anything that you could have done if you had been here so don't worry about it. We burried her at Henry's Chappel and put her away nice. She took tha big picture of you to her grave because she thought so much of it.
      Boy be good an let me hear from you.
                                               Kenneth B. Hale

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