V-mail from Vesta to JA
Written 19 Sep 1943

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Who is?


J. A. Hale HA1/c 
23 Replacement Bn 
c/o Fleet P.O
San Francisco, Calif

Raymond Wilson
RR 5                        
 Gilmer, Tex                                     
                                                                                      Sun. 19
Hello J. A.:
        We are well. Dady & kids spent Sat. nite & Sunday with us. Octa is at home with them; she is carring on fine; they rested some while they were here; They hadn't been sleeping much, at home. Kenneth & Ivery taken most of your clothes with them. Kenneth sure has changed in looks. Their wives didn't come with them; so they didn't stay but a few days. Raymond likes this job fine here & his having his teeth all taken out. The girls are going to school at Indian Rock, near Gilmer. Jolene will be one year old the 28th. Fred is in Calif. now. Hope to hear from you soon. Always your sis,
                                    Vesta & Family

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