Letter from Phala to JA
Written 14 April 1943

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I am slipping this picture in. She doesn't want me to send it.

              Route 2
             Troup, Texas
             April 14, 1943

Dearest Bud,
             How are you and the Navy getting along? We are all getting along alright I guess. I am sorry that I haven't written sooner.
   We had a style show at school last night (April 13). I got first place within the girls because they all liked my skirt the best.
   All of the high school kids went to Tyler State Park last Sat. We sure did have a lot of fun. I didn't get in until 11:30 P.M. and it like to have griped daddy to death.
   Ivery came down Sat. evening.


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Imogene and Ivera Jean were already down here. They have been down little over a week.
   Betty Jean Mullins sure is mad. She read that letter that mentioned her name as "Bull" in it, She hadn't spoke to me until yesterday evening. She wanted to go somewhere then. "Ha-Ha". Some girl. -no-one cares much about her.
   We took some pictures of Ivera Jean and Paul Jr. the other day. We will take some more pretty soon and I will send some more then. Moma is sending one of Paul & Ivera Jean.
   Be good & Write Soon.
              Love - Your Sis
              Phala Jean Hale

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