Letter from Mom to JA
Written 14 April 1943

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Dear Son: I recd your Money cards & letters I just Dont Know how to thank you enough. What would you like most for your birthday? Please tell me. Ivery & Gene are here he's on his vacation, she has been sewing a lot.
We went to the school house last night to see the Home Mc Girls show off their sewing it done very well they served Lemonad & cookies afterward.
Phale taken some pictures of Ivera Gene & Paul Jr I'll send you one. they had been making mud pies, not cleaned up. I had a letter from Octa 

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to-day. she said she was going to Dallas Monday. Dont know what she has on her string now.
Phala got her a nice Easter dress & some slippers with part of the money you sent her. we are having Green onions radishes & lettuce out of the garden strawberries out of our patch I dont think we will get many this year, the freeze got the first ones. Well Paul sure likes the baby pigs, but he wants to trade them for baby chicks
They change Dad around so much, he cant tell just where he's going to work, he's going out at 6 now works untill noon. Hows the Moor Boy by now. Hope he gets well soon
We sure enjoy hearing from

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you. Kenneth said he was going to see you. he will get a weeks vacation later on, Ivery said. well I just don't know any news, will tyr to learn those boys addresses Ollie Ruth dont write James anymore I'll send them when I get to find out. this is sure a dull place. Take good care of your self. Be good
            Tons Love

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