Letter from Mom to JA
Written 6 Jun 1943

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     Sun:Eve   June 6th
Dear Son:  Sure enjoyed hearing from you. I am at home, was gone 10 days Octa isent well yet she is up part time Dr is giving her treatments ever other day. he said he was afraid she was going to loose all her female organs at the best he could do. So I may be called back up there any day
Paul Jr is fine & growing fast She had a letter from Paul last week. Otis & family have been here on their vacation. dont  guess Dad will get any. havent heard any thing about it so far.


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Phala & Donald went swimming this eve with Mrs Buckalew they made their grades O.K. & passed. Donald made one U. the rest S. wish you could have been here for dinner we had fried chicken cream potatoes gravy ripe tomatoes salid chocolate pie. I have been busy canning beets & beans. Phala is going to Ill soon she is thrilled. I am afraid for her to go alone. You know she has never been out of the back yard. Grandma White is dead, she had asthma awful bad & had been taking shots


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her heart failed her, she worked the garden Sat. morn at 1 she was dead. Mrs Walls Father died this morn. he had canser.
Did you get your book? I sent it soon as I could. Phala has the school annual, would you like to see it, isn't much to it she said she was going to send it to you. I have been going in circles, don't know what I wrote you last.
Excuse this Ill try to do better.
              Lots love



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We went to red oak last night to Church J.C. was there drunk what a shame

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