Letter from Mom to JA
Written 20 Dec 1942

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                 Sun. Eve. Dec. 20.
   Dear Son,
    Was so glad to rec; your letter, we are all O. K. guess Xmas will be very short here, hope you have a nice time. sure glad you like there, hope you get to go to school. How did yiu get in and how long did you sign up for? You didn't tell us, did Fletcher go with you? We got your clothes you sent home. did you send pants to Colvins or just a shirt? We had a letter from Paul [Attaway] last week he is in Soloman Islands. said that was some Darn place. Elmer Gee has left for the Army. We had a card from Ida Mae

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she said John had to go in Jan; You remember they were here when you was in bed, hurt. Tts cold & misty here today. Phala went to S.S. [Sunday School] with Thompsons her and Tommie are making pop corn balls this eve.
School is out untill Jan 4. Mr & Mrs Hammett has a baby girl. Do you have a bible? Do hope you learn to love to read & study it, for thats our way bill from earth to Glory.
Irene Jones married & is at home for Xmas. Mrs Echols said Bryan had to be back in San Diego the19th. You might get to see him. You have a lot of folks in Long Beach. Aunt Rhoda has 2 boys in

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Calif. S. T. Smith is in San Francisco expecting to go across soon. he's your own cousin. Well I guess you are about out of money by this time. Can you wear your ring or do you want it?
I havn't bought any thing for Xmas yet. haven't been to town. Dad gets plenty gas, 8 gal a week. Well I have 3 more letters to write this eve. I must close wishing you a Merry Xmas.               Lots of Love

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