Letter from Kenneth to JA
Written 16 Dec 1942

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                                              Crossville, Ill
Gen. Del.
Hello Bud:
      How is the little boy doing? Sure glad to hear from you and hope you get along ok.
      I sure didn't expect you to join up untill school was out any how. Why didn't you come up to see me before you left? You are in a good place if you will only do the right thing an get along. I sure wish I could swap places with you. I have been trying to


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get her to let me join but she won't yet. I guess that I will have to drink this quart of whiskey that I have and raise a little hell and then I may get run off.
      I have been going duck hunting a lots. Killed a big Mallard hen the other day. There sure are lots if squirles & ducks here.
      The Sun Co put me to pumping. I like it pretty good.
      Do you ever see any one from home that


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you know? I'll bet I could find someone I know there. Is Fletcher with you or not? Did you join by yourself.
      Boy we sure have been having some cold weather. The snow is about gone now.
      Do you need any thing like a little cash for instance??? Now boy, if and when you do, let me know. I will do all I can.
      How long did you sign up for?
      Donald [Townsend] quit halliburton. He is supposed to be


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married and from the best that I can make out he will be a daddy before long.
      When are you going to send me a picture of your ugly mug??? Do you think you would like California? Is it warm there?
      We have some kin folks out there some where. You ought to find out where they are and go see them. Do you hear from the folks much?
      How long did you stay in Houston? Is Nova &


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Cotton still living together in Houston?
     What are you going to do Xmas?
     We haven't bought much Xmas because there isn't anything to buy.
     Say what does that A.S. mean after your name?
    Well be good & write soon.
       As Ever,
       Kenneth Hale

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