Letter from JA to Kenneth
Written 1 March 1943

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U. S. Navy Hospital Corps School
San Diego, California

     Dear Bud,

      How are you and your sows? Will be up to see you after the war is over, and stay the rest of my life. We are taking up nursing this last two weeks. A nurse is our techer. We go to school with a 150 waves. they are hospital coremen also. Boy there isn't an ugly one in the whole bunch. Wow! I don't care about getting ???? just now. I guess you are right about flicker. We got a 48 hour leave over the week end. Last night another guy rented us a room in a hotel. This morning a woman came in, kised us, said "good morning" and walked out. I think she was drunk though.

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U. S. Navy Hospital Corps School
San Diego, California

I am still a Second Class Seaman. I make more money than I can spend. I sent Phala $15 last week. There is not any girls out here worth knowing. And the Waves just get off once a week. I will be out of here Wednesday week. I don't know where to from there. Probably Texas, Lou. or Florida. I never see Flicker, but about once a week. Write soon and be good.

                     J. ?????

               Figure it out.


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