Letter from JA to Family
Written 3 Mar 1943

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U. S. Naval Hospital
San Diego, California

                                                                March 3, 1943
     Dear Folks,
        How is everyone? Got your letter today, sure was proud to hear from you. I will be leaving here Sat. week. I have a chance to go to Miami, Florida. I understand that is where J. C. [Barron] is, but I am going to get Corpus Christi if I can. They give the ones with the highest grades first choice. My final grades are:

Anatomy & Physiology   -   92
Materia Medica                 -   96
Hygene & Sanitation        -   96
Chemical Warfare             -   76
Metroligy                            -   66
First Aid                              -   93
   Average                            -   86

But there were lots more that made better than I did. Am proud that you got to go see Otis, You had better tell him to join the Navy!! I don't see how Octa could blame Paul so much about that allotment.

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A Coxswin is just a third class Botswain's mate and he just draws about 10 more a month than I do. There is some of the guys in our company that has allotments made out. They draw about 15 a month and are always in debt to someone. J. C. Colvin got himself out because he didn't get to come to school when I did. If he had waited 3 weeks, he would have been over here now. He was just mad because he thought he was going to have to go to sea. I was uptown and went to a service mans class, they have them every Sun. evening. We sung song just like you do in church, with a guitar, piano and etc. Afterward they served refreshments. Here is their card they gave me. I won't apply for a leave until I finish my 3 weeks in a hospital, because I don't figure it would do any good until then. Here we eat with the officers and Waves also. Wow!! I'll bet we get lots better food than you could get out there now. Paul I have been trying to get you & Donald a hat, but I can't find one smaller enough. Ma I hope you get over that cold before I come home, or I will really fix you up. I feel like I could help more than those

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doctors you have around there, after finishing that school. I sent my clothes to the laundry. I got my class picture today. Will send it as soon as possible.

Write soon & be good

                          J. A. Hale

Phala why don't you get 
                                J. C. Barron's
                                J. C. Calvin's
                                James Jackson's
                                address for me?

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