Letter from Mom to JA
Written 9 Dec 1942

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Dec. 9
   Dear J. A.. We recd your card Sorry you taken such a step, I am sure you'll regret it someday. We are lonesome without you. Just what will I do about your ring? Where did J.C. [Colvin] go, his mother is worried almost crazy about him?
J.C. Barron is going to take his exam today, he said he guessed that he would be taken right on.
When will you get to come home, will it be Xmas.
Helen said she would send you a present. Betty has almost cried her eyes out. Paul [Jr] said where is J.A. & where is J.A.'s car? He can't understand it.

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Vesta & all the rest are O.K. Otis & Ruby was here last week. brought us a deer roast. he had been deer hunting, didn't get to kill one his self, the other man killed it. Octa will be home Xmas two or three days, Mrs Attaway is back home, she had gone to Dallas, the old man just told a lie about it. he has lost his car.
Dad got a B card for gasoline that will make plenty for his use.
  Well I don't know any news. be sure & write about your self. tell me every thing.
                                      Lots love.


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