Letter from Mom to JA
Written 19 Jul 1943

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                           July 19-

Dear Son: How are you today? we are about to melt its so hot here. couldent sleep a wink wasnt for our fans. we had a letter from Kenneth he said he was thinking of going to see you. sure wish I could. well I am about through canning. No fruit here this year, Bert said tell you she would like to have one of your pictures to take to the valley with her. I will send Otis & Vesta one of these.
Paul Jr dident stay with Octa long. he is down here, his clothes & toys at Gladewater

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dont know where she is she may be in the Hospital again. we havent heard from her the past week.
Well your friend Helen Keel got married also Myrtle Dowdy some boys from Concord. Vesta was down the girls stayed a few days with us. Mrs Attaway was here last week. she dont like Texarkana. 
 well we are thinking of moving again. The boss wants Dad to take the job a Carlisle. we got two rooms papered. Dad & Donald got the cow sheds covered. we sure have some fine hogs. we'll have lots meat

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& Lard this fall. Poochie Paul & Donald have some time, they just mill around doing nothing. Donald goes to cub meeting ever Fri. rides the horse he has a new cub suit he looks nice. Had a letter from Maggie Wells. she sent me a picture of Mat & her & all 9 sons together.
Erma Gene is getting married this month to a soldier boy. thats their baby girl. Rue is still at Amerilla camp.
I am send a picture that I had forgot to send, it isent very good. well write soon.
  Be a good boy. Love, Mother

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