V-mail from Kenneth to J A
Written 2 Oct 1943

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Who is?


J. A. Hale A1/c           
Hq Co; 1st Bn  
2nd  Marines
c/o Fleet Post Office  San Francisco, California

K. B. Hale  
General Del
Crossville, Ill
Hi Sud:
      How is everyone? We are all mighty fine.
      They cut our gas ration to two gallons per stamp but they aint no place to go no how. I am going to the world series in St Louis the 11th of this month.
      Don Townsend was home not long ago. What can I send you that you need?
      Say tell me something about that place. It's history or, something. I may get a chance to come an see you before long.
      Let me hear from you.

                             Kenneth Hale

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