Letter from Jackson to JA
Written 23 May 1943

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                    1814 2nd St.
                     Corpus Christi, Texas
                     May 23, 1943
Dear J. A.,
              Well how is the old Boy. I was home last week & your mother gave me your address. Boy I sure would like to see you. Don't look like I will be a civilian much longer. I am going to take my physical next week for the Army.
               J.A. how do you like the Marines. I hope you like it. Do you ever hear from J. C. Barron. The old chicken. I guess he will do at times. Say Bud when are you going to get a leave. if you will write & tell me I will try & get one at the same time.
                Say couldn't Colvin take it. or was he just home sick. I didn't get to see him while I was up there. I didn't look for Walter Gee. I think you know what I think about him.

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              Well J. A. old Boy I have got to go now. So take it easy old chum.
         Please answer soon.
                     Your Best Friend
          How does it feel to be a doctor. or how does it feel to be a nurse. Stay in there pal.
I hope to hear from you pretty soon.

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