V mail from JA to Dad
Written 29 Oct 1943

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Who is?



J. A. Hale
Route 2
Troup, Texas

J.A. Hale pharm 3/c
Hdq. Co. 1st Bn 2nd Marines
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Calif
10 - 29 - 43

      Dear Folks,
    Am doing fine. Dad I received your letter this week, & sure was proud to get it. If you will write in Ink,  they will all get through. I don't have any ink, so I'll have to take a chance. Am sure proud that Octa is there. Are the kids going to Salem. How is Paul Attaway? Is he still a Coxtwain? I will write when I can. Write soon!

                  J A Hale Phm 3/c

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