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00 Janice 1962 Mar 00a Janice 1962 01 Janice 1964 02 Janice 1966 (4) 02a Janice 1967 02b Janice Jan 1971
03 Janice Hale age 10 04 Janice Hale age 12 04a Janice Jan 1977 06 Janice Hale 1980a 07 Janice Hale 1980 08 Janice Hale Haddad March 1991 (29)
08a Janice and Mary Haddad 1994 11 Haddad Family August 2000 12 Haddad Family 7-4-1998 14 Yousif, Daniel, and Mary Sept 2000 15 Janice's family Nov 2002  Censored

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Janice was born in Austin, Texas on March 14, 1962. She started school in Bryan and graduated from high school there in 1980. Janice attended college at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville and at Texas A&M before entering the work force in Bryan. In 1983 she moved to Houston where she was introduced to Emil Haddad by her mother. Janice and Emil were married in Houston on June 2, 1984.
Janice and Emil have three children. They continue to live in Houston where Emil is the owner, with his partner, of a surveying firm. Janice and Emil are devoted Christian parents totally dedicated to their family.

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