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There have been few opportunities to have the entire family together for group pictures. One such opportunity was Becky's wedding to Kurt Johnson on July 4, 1998 in Austin, Texas.

Few family members were missing and everyone was dressed up for the occasion

The Johnson Family
Trey Wakefield, Becky, Kurt, Christian Wakefield

The Haddad Family
Janice, Emil
Yousif, Mary, Daniel

Diann was running an errand for Becky when the pictures were made

Leonard's daughter, Tonya, and her husband couldn't make it to the wedding.

Roxanne is now married and has a son, Austin Herrera.

Ben and Jessica now have a second son, Matthew, born in 2000. 

The Leonard Hale Family
Ashley, Nikki, Kelly, Roxanne

The Bruce Hale Family
Jeff,  Bruce,  Benjamin Pegues
Jennifer, Jessica Pegues
Lynn, Blayke

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