Robert Preston Brown was born in Virginia ca 1807 and came to Texas between 01 Oct 1837 and 01 Jan 1840. He served in the Republic of Texas mounted Rangers under the command of Captain Robert Barclay. He enlisted for three months and received a voucher for $73.00 for his services. He was also given 320 acres of land in Harrison Co. (A 3rd class grant because he was unmarried.) He received the land on 02 May 1839. The land was located about 8 miles out of Marshall on the Karnak Rd (Hwy 43). He may have served in other Ranger units because he owned several parcels of land at the time of his death. The family homestead was 1/2 mile SE of the Marshall courthouse on Elysian Fields Road. In 1844 he married Jane Moon and in the 1850 census they had 3 children. R. P. Brown and his wife were founding members of the First Baptist Church in Marshall in May 1847. R. P. died in June 1877 leaving only 3 living children; W.P. Brown, John J. Brown, and Sara Eugene Barker. John J lived in Kaufman near Gainsville, Sara Eugene married Joseph W Barker and lived in Hopkins Co, William Preston married Annie Crain and lived first in Kaufman Co, and later in Jack Co (perhaps also in Van Zandt Co).

At the time of his death Robert Preston owned the following:

Harrison 70 A (Homestead) $700
Harrison 104+ A (Head right) $320
Jack 106+ A $100
Jack 112+ A $112
Jack 215 A $100
Coleman 900 A $675
Van Zandt 240 A $240
Raines 80 A $ 80


There is a school in Kaufman Co named Brown Caddy
R. P. owned several slaves.
The family was rich at one time.
W. P. (son) was raised by a Negro nanny.
R. P. walked in his sleep.
People paid R. P. for medical services.
R. P. kept a can full of money.

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