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Mary and Leonard Hale

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The Hale family origins are primarily in England with influences from Germany. The earliest identified Hale ancestor of the family was Joab Hail who first appeared in the minutes of the Tyger River Baptist Church and the 1790 US census of the Greenville district of South Carolina. Other family lines from England and Germany joined the Hales as they emigrated westward with the development of the United States in the 1800s.

The Fawvor family name is derived from "Fauver". The earliest identified Fauver ancestor of the family was Benjamin Fauver who was in southwestern Mississippi in about 1803. Though Fauver may be of German origin, the principle influence in the Fawvor family is French. The Fawvors live primarily in southern Louisiana and southeastern Texas. Their French ancestors emigrated to Louisiana both from France and from Acadia (Nova Scotia) as part of the English expulsion of French inhabitants of Acadia in 1755.

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